No Sew T Shirt Scarf


I thought it would be fun to try making a No Sew Scarf, after all it has “No Sew” in the name, how hard can it be right? Anyone can make this, even me.

I found the post here at Studio Five and wanted to try it this weekend. Do you think I could find an old T shirt anyway in the house? No, but after going to Menards for errands and they had a 3 pack of T Shirts for 4.00 dollars, in different colors. That sounded like a good deal to experiment with and cut up perfectly good T shirts. Then I told Country Man when I got home.

The conversation went something like “I am taking these T Shirts and cutting them up into different No Sew Scarves” and he gave me the look he usually does. I said just wait and see.

I got a pink, blue and a dark green t-shirt pack from Mennards. I think I will use the pink color one to try this first DIY Infinity Scarf shown in the video link, also called the circle scarf.  If I could make the a black flower brooch rosette, it would be a perfect combo. The smaller bands in that second circle scarf looked nice in her lime green, but I think the dark green I have would be good paired with another combo color, bands of lime green and dark green maybe.

I really liked the ruffles in the No Sew Ruffle scarf so that’s the one I made first, in blue.   Like like they said, use a paper 9 in plate and cut out a spiral, run your hands down it to get it to ruffle more. I missed that she glued two ends together. I also missed that she said cut the spiral in about 2 inches. I probably cut my spiral at 1 inch which my scarf longer, but no wonder it wasn’t full looking. Her brown scarf looks much fuller.

Here is how the finished scarf looks. I like it and it is very easy. If you had a party, you could make a No sew scarf as part of a theme: Valentines Day, spa party, kids party, Football team colors.

I showed the finished scarf to Country Man, He said it looks like a dog toy. Dog toy, now that gives me another idea.


And now after the “WASH TEST”
And when you wash it, you really do have a cat or dog toy. It might be better on the wider version, remember I made mine at 1 inch cuts on the 9 inch round plate when the recommended  was 2 inches.  This would result in the shorter fuller scarf and hopefully, after washing, still hold its shape.

Washing changes the look, and not in a good way.

Washing changes the look, and not in a good way.


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