Cookie Sugar Stencil-a Product Review

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Found these stencils at Target in the Dollar bin. I was going to make sugar cookies and thought these would be fun.  

These stencils,  come with six stencil shapes:

  • a carrot sharp,
  • bunny ears,
  • tulip,
  • duck,
  • egg,
  • and a flower

made out of a plastic film. The idea is to frost the cookies, and wait for some dryness of the frosting.   Then place the stencil on top and add sprinkles,red and green sugars. The orange egg stencil in the picture for example, I added red sugar, while it looks okay, it would have looked more egg like to fill in the band between the red bands. Can you tell the others once the sugar has been added? Red duck and egg, green duck, pink tulip, sprinkle egg.

I would give this a thumbs up, especially since it was only  a dollar and it works.  Its one of the better things I have found.  I have another idea to try these on. I will let you know how it turns out. Easter sugar cookie anyone?



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