Cityman’s 50Th Birthday

IMG_20130621_152317 - CopyHappy 50th Birthday

Cityman tuned 50, the former man of the house, stopped over while the son, TechR, was home and we had cake and ice cream. Okay we planned a little party lunch.  We love a good Target cake for birthday celebrations. We had picked out some food to surprise him with lunch on reaching this milestone.  He had teased me for being older for years, I think we got in a few old jokes too. We get along well for people who are no longer a couple.

Here are some of the decoration.




About frugalhomehindsight

I have a a cabin heart. My frugal home often comes from hindsight and looking for ways to do better next time. This blog is from me-City Girl Chris and my adventures with my Country Man and with you all, fostering friendship like over the morning breaksfast table as neighbors with a good cup of coffe sharing the lastest news, things I like such as craft projects, family, I'm a mom, dog lover, sharing good cooking & baking recipes, and looking for the best frugal ways. Family * Friends* Food* Cooking* Crafts *DIY* Sharing and more What are your money challenges, Let's share and figure it out together
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