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I have a a cabin heart. My frugal home often comes from hindsight and looking for ways to do better next time. This blog is from me-City Girl Chris and my adventures with my Country Man and with you all, fostering friendship like over the morning breaksfast table as neighbors with a good cup of coffe sharing the lastest news, things I like such as craft projects, family, I'm a mom, dog lover, sharing good cooking & baking recipes, and looking for the best frugal ways. Family * Friends* Food* Cooking* Crafts *DIY* Sharing and more What are your money challenges, Let's share and figure it out together

Crust is better for a Quiche

This quiche hit the spot and it was Oh so easy and was very good. I knew I wanted to make a quiche and this was the weekend. Weekends are made for some good home cooked food. I loved a … Continue reading

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Making Fridge Magnets in Two Minutes

Making Fridge Magnets in Two Minutes:Crafty Art Project If your fridge needs a pick-me-up, how about trying this easy craft project and I didn’t even use glue.   I bought some pretty scrapbook buttons at Michaels.  I wanted to use … Continue reading

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St Paul Mn Harriet Island Historic Flooding Photos 2014

On Saturday June 28, 2014 we stopped downtown St Paul so I could get a few pictures of the flooded Harriet Island.  Its amazing considering I have walked the dog here, and now its under water.   Contrasted to

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Simple Pleasures

What are your simple pleasures?  Here are some of mine… The beach Sound of Birds Warm Blanket Clean Sheets A closet (I’d love a walk in closet) Coffee   Cat Purring     Boating (and my Dog of course) (boating … Continue reading

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Frog Coat Hook Turned into Painted Garden Art

I found a lovely old metal Frog clothes hook at the thrift and knew it could be reused, but how?  You can hardly tell they are frogs? They need something, they need color, I know they need clothes!   True art … Continue reading

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If you were a blog post?

If you were a blog post what would you have too say?  I am in need of something to write about. I probably could write about my dog and her new toy or if the cat as a in house … Continue reading

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The Big Deer Hunt

Its been a long year, and lots of talk about the deer hunt by Countryman. Now, mostly I don’t know anything about deer hunting and simply say “That’s nice” when he talks about it. He goes with his  family up … Continue reading

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