Scarecrow Little Miss Muffett

It’s that time again, decorating for fall.  I love the cool weather,signalling the time to put out fall flowers, pumpkins and gourds.   I wanted something different, something more, so I came up with the annual scarecrow and that would be a theme scarecrow.  Last year was the tumbling boy and girl scarecrows.

 For months I toyed with what theme this year should be.  I came up with the 2013  theme ….drumroll…..Little Miss Muffett. 

pizap.com13803754409741 pizap.com13803766388121 pizap.com13803767955871

Once I knew the theme I was going for, i went to Goodwill to find the perfect outfit.  I had teased my facebook friends by showing off the nice hat. Here is the cost breakdown.

  • scarecrow face 3.00 (menards)
  • Hat. 2.99
  • Black Velvet Dress. 3.99
  • Peasant top .99
  • spider  2.00
  • wood, duct tape-free
  • bowl, yellow ceramic. 0.49 cent but too nice to use for the scarecrow. I have it inside.
  • curds of whey container- free

Total 13.00$

Wow, that’s a deal for a creative unique scarecrow.  How does it look?   I’m already thinking about next year theme

~enjoy chris

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Candy Corn Bottles a Halloween Pinterest Win

I loved these Candy corn Bottles.

Frugal Home Hindsight candy corn bottles

Frugal Home Hindsight candy corn bottles

I had seen them on pinterest and had wanted to try the project. To be honest, I have wanted “to do” a lot of Pinterest projects and really never make time.

  Who has time and for that matter, money.  I  have a crazy work-life schedule and then  supplies can up to 25 $ which has me thinking ” do i really need to make that”?  This one was different, quick, cheap and easy.   It sounded easy enough, grab any bottle, jar or vase you like and spray paint it white, then orange and then yellow.  How easy is that? very.


I had three old wine bottles I had saved because I liked the labels, but I will to give them up for this project.  I placed them on a stick upside down and sprayed them white and let it dry. The paint  was the only supply needed, and was 96 cents at Menards, for basic white spray paint and I also grabbed yellow and orange, those cans were 3.oo each. That’s a total of 7 dollar to create Candy Corn Bottles.

I love how it turned out.  What do you think?

Frugal Home Hindsight candy corn bottles

Frugal Home Hindsight candy corn bottles

pizap.com13798576761881 1370824_10151709969546909_593575451_o

Frugal Home Hindsight candy corn bottles

Frugal Home Hindsight candy corn bottles

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Garden Art


Found these nice flower plates, orange and pink, at the dollar store and knew it was time to try a project I had seen on Pinterest about making garden art out of them. I did a little research, got some glue and I picked up some squared vases and a little bowl and a little plate  for the centers and glued them to the front and the vases on the back of the plates.  Once dry I used sticks to anchor into the ground.


How cute is that!

989034_10151503772616909_2011182486_o (1)

  • Project Cost under 10$
  • Flower Plates
  • vases
  • glue
  • dowel sticks
  • Little plate/bowl
  •   Next project, picking up more vases, like the blue one and clear glass ones pictured, stacking them and making more garden art.
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Before and After Container for my Jewelry Making Supplies

Here is the “Before” Jewelry container I had for my supplies.  I liked it.  The picture, below, shows a the small box on the right, This is the BEFORE. It was two levels, small rectangle box and the top box would lift out and has separate compartments.  I lost the cover.  As you can see, it become too small and all the hooks, beads, wire was all tossed into the box, nothing was very separate.


The New “after” on the left was on sale at Menards for 4.99 and has two sides with a total of 36 compartments. It can really hold a lot and easily flips ( over) sides and has the easy to open clips on the top.  Be sure to open the right side! LOL


I have bead bags on one side and the other sides holds the pliers, wires, hooks, and fasteners. I save all odds and ends pieces of jewelry; you know the one earring when you can’t find the other, yep into the box it goes, one day it may be part of a bracelet to be Up-cycled.  This new box,  I can find what I am looking for at a glance.

Organized Jewelry Suppliespizap.com13731396600291

You can use this containers for anything, I bought another for my sewing supplies. Its hot today, this 10-minute activity was enough for awhile. Time for lemonade.


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Organize the Guestroom

Organize.  What does that make you think of?   That everything is in its place? I was thinking of re-organizing the guest bedroom/craft-room/exercise room. This room now has two built in closets. That is both good and bad.  Its awkward to have two closet doors on the same wall and lets not even mention how dumb one opens, the hinges are on the wrong wall side so you have to backup to see whats inside.   we changed the one closet door from the den on the opposite side of the guest bedroom to open from the guest bedroom, removing the closet from the den in order to not count the den as a bedroom. I dont think that plan really worked, however, it did gain more wall space in the den. Countyman claims the den space. Its his hideway cave.
I love the twin bed that’s in the guest bedroom now compared to the full size bed I had there before, of course the twin takes up less space which is a number one goal for a room with many uses. I never have guest so why have a big bed. LOL of course just when I write that we had two guests a week agao. Countryman father had surgery and his sister and brother came down to visit and they could all go to the hospital in the morning. His sister had the guestroom.  Luckily Countryman clean (AKA hid) everything in the closet.

I was thinking that new extra closet  could have a built in desk and have shelves to hold all the paper, scrap book stuff. I don’t scrap book much now, changed to creating photo books, but use some scrapbook supplies for card making. Or if I didnt do that, I could make the closet,into a real closet and add two rods for clothes which would be nice.  I would like to hang away the winter coats.

I saw a nice 299. daybed frame.If i had that then i could move the bed away from the wall and make a bigger “fake 6 foot wall of closet with more store, a couple of drawers, a hanging rod, shoe rack.I like this idea. I could still have the bed away from the wall even without the daybed frame. Countryman could make a frame, It would end right where the chair would sit (by a window)in front of the real closet if I had that for the desk, and photo/scrap book storage.

The target ad shows some drawers for 30.00 and if I had two, stacked, and then the open shelf they also have on sale, I could customize the storage and still build a wall rod closet hanging system in the corner.  Humm. I love to have improved storage. Usually everything is in a mess while I try and get organized.

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Summer Strawberry Smoothie

We picked up a big pack of strawberries at Costco this weekend.  1061571_10151539373066909_313813069_o

In the back of mind I wanted these, not only because at Target a small pack costs what the big pack costs at Costco, but because I had ready planned to make Summer Strawberry Smoothies having purchased the vanilla yogurt.

There isn’t anything better to say its June 21st the first day of  ‘summer”  than sitting on the front porch watching kids play in the park, in the summer sun while sipping a cool strawberry smoothie. I had the dream, but that didn’t happen like that.

First, I was a day late; it was Saturday June 22, Rewind. There isn’t anything better to say its the second day of Summer than a Summer Strawberry Smoothie. The 22nd just never rates very high as a day to mention and doesn’t have them same humpf as June 21, you know the first day when the days start getting shorting, summer solstice.

Second, It was 840pm and it was getting dark, kids were no longer playing in the park, and if they were I couldn’t see them. The son was home, and he loves smoothies.  He had a friend over so I had made 4 smoothies.    I proceed to make the strawberry treat.

  • Ice cubes
  • I container 16oz of Vanilla Yogurt
  • Fresh strawberries
  • I added some Frozen Strawberry puree for added flavor.
  • Sugar to taste.

I had the ninja out. Its the small mixer one,  I had to make a few batches to fill four glasses.  I added some of each item ice, yogurt, strawberries, frozen berries, and mixed.  add sugar if needed.  taste.  Add more if anything is missing.  I like strawberry so i didnt do this, but you could add flavored juice.

Enjoy.  Happy June 22nd.

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Cityman’s 50Th Birthday

IMG_20130621_152317 - CopyHappy 50th Birthday

Cityman tuned 50, the former man of the house, stopped over while the son, TechR, was home and we had cake and ice cream. Okay we planned a little party lunch.  We love a good Target cake for birthday celebrations. We had picked out some food to surprise him with lunch on reaching this milestone.  He had teased me for being older for years, I think we got in a few old jokes too. We get along well for people who are no longer a couple.

Here are some of the decoration.



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