Welcome to Frugal Home Hindsight blog.

First, I am not a blogger.  I could learn to be one.  I wanted a place where it would feel like home, like pulling up a chair and having coffee with your friend. A place to sit and visit and chat about what is going on, a place to get new ideas or a place to learn -or maybe find hindsight- maybe what not to do or how I could have done it differently in the future. 

Was married, twice, in fact, for a couple years, for a lot of years and then in a relationship but not another longer, now I do whatever I want. That actually has been the nice part,  I’m not waiting, checking to see what”we “are doing.

Here Chris (Citygirl ) and her beloved dog Roxy,  make a home in the city in Minnesota where we enjoy, family, friends, cooking, crafts , saving money, learning about relationships, work, look for work, do gardening and enjoy our dog.   Jan 11 2013 introduced us to our new cat which passed away Sept 2014.  We were lucky enough to find another cat who needed a family, Rustie 

Happy Valentines Project Before

Things I like: saving money and finding frugal ways, sightseeing, camping in Minnesota towns, swimming, movies, the science museum and crafts.  I bought a kayak, love it.

DSCF1905 - Copy




I like to be in the flower garden.

Chris (City Girl )


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